What is SMT Stencil ?

SMT Stencil is one form-stable templates to print solder paste onto the component pads of printed circuit board before the assembly, using a stencil will allow you to apply an even and accurately placed coat of solder paste to the pads. This is often quicker and easier than doing it manually with a syringe, especially if you working with more than one copy of the same board. A consistent and accurate coat of paste will reduce the number of solder bridges and decrease board cleanup time.

Laser cut SMT stencil      SMT mini stencil         LED stencil
Frame SMT stencil      Frameless  stencil         PCB stencil
SMT glue Stencil      Solder paste stencil         BGA stencil
SMT Stencil

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We also are able to make Stepped stencil,BGA Re-balling stencil and series custom steel stencil for automatic printing machine (solder paste printer).

BGA Stencil
SMT Step Stencil
Type PITCH Pad Width Pad Length Opening Width Opening Length Plate Thickness
PLCC 1.27mm 0.65mm 2.00mm 0.6mm 1.95mm 0.15-0.25mm
QFP 0.635mm 0.35mm 1.50mm 0.32mm 1.45mm 0.15-0.18mm
QFP 0.50mm 0.254-0.33mm 1.25mm 0.22-0.25mm 1.2mm 0.12-0.15mm
QFP 0.40mm 0.25mm 1.25mm 0.2mm 1.2mm 0.10-0.12mm
QFP 0.30mm 0.20mm 1.00mm 0.15mm 0.95mm 0.07-0.12mm
0402 0.50mm 0.65mm 0.45mm 0.6mm 0.12-01.5mm
0201 0.25mm 0.40mm 0.23mm 0.35mm 0.07-0.12mm
BGA 1.27mm 0.80mm 0.75mm 0.15-0.20mm
μBGA 1.00mm 0.38mm 0.35mm 0.35mm 0.10-0.12mm
μBGA 0.50mm 0.30mm 0.28mm 0.28mm 0.07-0.12mm
Flip chip 0.25mm 0.12mm 0.12mm 0.12mm 0.12mm 0.08-0.10mm
Flip chip 0.20mm 0.10mm 0.10mm 0.10mm 0.10mm 0.05-0.10mm
Flip chip 0.15mm 0.08mm 0.08mm 0.08mm 0.08mm 0.03-0.08mm
Stainless steel Frame Stencil for PCB Assembly

More PCB Stencil Features:

  • Advance Technology   ⇒              100% laser cut

  • Good Material used    ⇒                 304 HTA Stainless Steel

  • Minimum cut width   ⇒                 .002 inches

  • Aperture tolerance within   ⇒     .00025 inches

  • Allow for Fiducial Data   ⇒           Yes

  • Allow for panelized data  ⇒         Yes


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